Getting the Most Out of Reverse-Osmosis Prefiltration

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December 3, 2021

Water quality continues to be a high priority for families and reverse-osmosis (RO) systems are a popular choice for many families looking to improve the quality of their drinking water. Rusco has options available that help you get the most out of reverse-osmosis prefiltration. has an excellent layout on their site explaining what an RO system is and the different aspects that it entails. Reverse-osmosis is a membrane-technology method of filtration designed to remove contaminants and ions from water by applying pressure.

Typically there are four stages in a reverse-osmosis system. The first stage is a sediment pre-filter and this is the stage where Rusco comes in as we’ll focus on in a bit. This kind of filter, as it’s suggested, is designed to remove those unwanted sediment particles that reduce the life of the RO membrane.

New Rusco Activated Carbon Filter Coming in 2022

The second stage in reverse-osmosis involves the implementation of a carbon pre-filter.
One of the newest additions to the Rusco product line is a carbon filter. This part of the process is designed to remove chlorine, taste, odor and chemical contaminants.

Following those two prefiltration stages is the third stage, where the reverse-osmosis membrane comes in. This is a thin film composite membrane that removes almost all total dissolved solids down to some of the tiniest micron sizes. These membranes are mainly designed for use in water purification.

Finally, wrapping up the system is the fourth stage, which involves implementing a post carbon filter. This gets placed after the storage tank and just before the water actually is used. This filter will remove any chlorine or contaminants that were missed by the prior filters or the membrane.

When it comes to putting a reverse-osmosis system together, it’s essential that each of the four stages are addressed. If this system is implemented correctly with all of the above elements, a variety of contaminants will be removed from your tap water. Specifically, as was noted in the previous descriptions, this type of system specializes in removing chlorine taste and odor, as well as rust and sediment. In the end, the system will be removing a lot of things that not only will improve the taste of your water, but that will protect your health. Rusco can help you get the most out of your reverse-osmosis system with our high-quality and long-lasting prefiltration filters.

If you’re looking to get the most out of reverse-osmosis prefiltration, give Rusco a call at 1-800-345-1033. A live customer service representative is available to walk you through the variety of options.

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