Are your customers having issues with the quality of their water filters?

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February 26, 2023

Dan runs a company that sells a number of water filters and water filtration products. Recently, he’s been getting several calls from customers who have been complaining about both quality and durability issues with the brand of water filters that they currently sell. If you're looking for a new manufacturer that offers a quality, durable water filter like Dan's company, Rusco has the product for you.

Before talking about what Rusco has to offer from both a quality and durability standpoint, it’s helpful to focus on some of the common issues that arise with a lot of water filters on the market. One of the first problems with a lot of water filters is that they use replaceable cartridges. This isn’t an issue in and of itself, but the problem arises when people need to change them out regularly. According to, whole house pre-filters may need to be replaced as often as every three months. Regardless of what you paid initially for the filter when you’re constantly needing to replace your filter every few months, costs will add up quickly.

Many water filters require you to change cartridges regularly just to keep the water you're treating clean, but if you fail to do so, other problems can develop. A blog on points out that you may start to notice changes in water pressure. Naturally, as filters age, they become covered with particles from the sediment that they’re filtering out. If the filter in question is one with a replaceable cartridge and it’s not changed out every few months, it’s likely that at some point you’ll notice a difference in the water pressure running through your system. This drop in water pressure can be very annoying when performing regular tasks such as taking a shower or doing the dishes.

Another issue that you could come across with different water filters on the market has to do with the options available once a particular brand is selected. If someone installs a water filter and then discovers it isn’t doing the job needed, the only way to fix the problem in some cases is to purchase a whole new unit. With the cost of water filters not necessarily being cheap, if you have to keep buying entirely new units until you find one that is suitable, that can add up very quickly.

If the water filters your company currently sells have limitations like these, it may not be a bad idea to look into making a change. If you sell water filters that aren’t incredibly durable, it may lead to more business in the short term as your customers purchase replacement parts and brand-new filters regularly. Eventually, though, your customers will get upset and find a different route to go on their own if they keep purchasing a product that won’t last. If you switch to Rusco, you’ll be able to sell your customers a quality, durable product that offers a wide variety of options.

Rusco Spin-Down Filter

One of the points we made about a lot of water filters is that they have replaceable cartridges, and those can need to be switched out as often as every three months. Rusco’s Spin-Down and Sediment Trapper filters have elements designed to be reusable instead of replaceable. With a Rusco filter, the screen element is designed to last years and not just months as long as the filter gets flushed out when it needs to be. The end user will have to pull the unit apart on occasion and give everything a thorough cleaning, but that sure beats needing to buy replacement cartridges consistently.

We also mentioned with many filters available, if the cartridges aren’t changed out when they get dirty, that can lead to a loss of water pressure in the system. Paying for a new cartridge isn’t always necessary to ensure water is clean, but it’s necessary to keep water flowing the way it’s intended to. When a customer purchases a Rusco filter, they can have the peace of mind that instead of needing to buy a new cartridge to keep their water flowing, they can just clean off their filter when needed and everything will continue to work the way it’s supposed to. Once again, the end user won’t be bothered by constantly needing to spend money on replacement parts.

Another benefit of a Rusco filter is all of the available options. Once again, with a lot of filters being sold, if a customer installs one and realizes it won’t work for what they need, they will more than likely have to purchase a whole new unit. With a Rusco filter, if a customer installs the unit and discovers it won’t take care of what’s needed, instead of replacing the whole unit, they can just change out the element that does the actual filtering. At Rusco, we offer a large variety of mesh sizes from fairly coarse options to very fine selections. The most popular mesh sizes are also available in stainless steel, which is useful for removing sticky sediment, as well as more durable with harsh chemicals and higher temperatures.

Along with Rusco offering a more durable filter than many others, you can also trust that you’re selling a quality product. At Rusco, we take testing our products very seriously. Anytime any product is manufactured, our engineering team runs it through a series of tests to help greatly minimize the odds that any problems will arise once it’s in the hands of the end user. Rusco understands the industry standards when it comes to water filters and other water filtration products, so we make sure all of our products meet those standards before distribution.

If your company is looking for a new supplier of water filters, reach out to Rusco. As a manufacturer, we can guarantee a quality, durable product that will keep your customers happy for the long haul. Call 1-800-345-1033 to speak to a live customer service representative.

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