Rusco provides several accessories to provide options and benefits in the use and installation of our filters, such as the Rusco Sun Shield which provides protection from algae growth, and bushings that allow conversion from slip connections to thread connections.


Bushings convert 1”, 1-1/2” and 2” Slip x Slip to Thread x Thread. Bushings are sold individually.

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Flush Valves

Rusco manual flush valves allow for easy and cost-effective flushing of all our filter models. Flush valves fit all sizes and all models.

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O-Ring kits include an O-Ring for the cover as well as the element for the filter size selected.

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Sun Shield®

Inhibit algae growth within the filter and are recommended for algae prone systems or filters that are installed in direct sunlight.

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Automatic Flush Valve

When manual flushing is inconvenient or impractical get the automatic flush valve.

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