Commercial Filtration

Our sediment filters do the heavy lifting in commercial filtration systems.

Rusco sediment filters are capable of doing the heavy-lifting needed to keep your commercial filtration system operational longer.

Extending the life of your entire system protects your investment and reduces cost.

Commercial Applications

Rusco Sediment Filter are the durable and dependable choice for commercial filtration applications. Here are the most common configurations.

Industrial water pumps

Keep Water Running Hot

Sand and large particles running decrease the life of your water heaters.

Well water pump system

Pump Protection

Pumps operate best when they are free of sediments that build up and cause pump systems to fail.

Industrial boiler room

Prefilter Process Water

Keep sediment from rapidly degrading your filtration systems.

Commercial Spin-Down Filters

The most common spin-down filters used in commercial applications correlate to large volumes of particulate and higher water temperatures.

3/4" Hot Water Rusco Spin-Down Filter

3/4" Hot Water Rusco Spin-Down Filter

1" Rusco Sediment Trapper

1" Rusco Sediment Trapper


Nationally Recognized & Certified

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Proudly Crafted in the USA

For over four decades, Rusco has been the trusted source for water filtration products. We’re dedicated to ensuring our filters produce high quality water for home, commercial, and municipal use.