What’s the difference between a spin-down and sediment trapper filter?

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March 14, 2022

At Rusco, we offer a variety of products to help you with your water filtration needs. There are two main categories of filters available from Rusco, the Spin-Down™ and the Sediment Trapper™ filter. If you want to watch our video about the difference between spin downs and sediment trappers, watch it here.

Check out the video

All of the filters offered through Rusco are designed to remove sediment, providing you with clean and healthy water at a cost-effective price. One of the main considerations when choosing your filter is the mesh size which correlates to the micron size of sediment you’re filtering. The higher the mesh number the finer the sediment you can filter and a lower mesh number will lead to coarser material being eliminated. Then you’ll consider the volume of sediment you will filter over time to determine if a spin-down body or sediment trapper body would be most effective. Both filter types are very similar in nature. They each come with a body, a cover, and an element that does the filtering. The main difference is the amount of sediment they’re designed to trap and hold. While both filter types are designed to hold quite a bit of sediment before needing to be flushed, the sediment trapper is designed to hold more.

As far as the spin-down filter goes, the element inside is designed to go just about the full length of the cover that encloses it. This design still allows for quite a bit of sediment trapping in the space that exists between the side of the cover and the side of the element. The sediment trapper, however, allows for more trapping space between the end of the element and the top of the cover.

The 1” and ¾" models of the sediment trapper are designed with a special cover that adds a bit more length than the cover that goes with the 1” and ¾" models of the spin-down filter. The element on the inside of the filter is exactly the same length as both filters, but the cover for the spin-down filter is 6-½” long while the cover for the sediment trapper is 9-3/8” in length. This allows for a fair amount more trapping space.

When it comes to the 1-½" and 2” filters, the cover stays the same regardless of the model. The difference between the spin-down and sediment trapper filters with these sizes is with the element itself. The element actually stays the same length from top to bottom with either option. The sediment trapper element though has a stem that allows for quite a bit more space within the cover for trapping when installed.

If you continuously find a large amount of sediment to be present in your water, you are more than likely going to want to go with the sediment trapper model. Obviously, the more sediment in your water the more material your filter will be separating. The quicker the unit fills up with sediment, the sooner you’ll have to flush it out in order to prevent unnecessary clogging in your system. If you don’t want to constantly be flushing out the unit or even more so, if you don’t have the time or aren’t available to flush it out as often as necessary, the sediment trapper will help to lengthen the amount of time in between when you need to clear it out. If you aren’t completely sure of how much sediment is in your water, Rusco recommends going with the sediment trapper model if you need to go with the 1” or ¾" filter. These filters already offer a little less trapping area due to their smaller size by nature, so maximizing the internal volume of the filter can only stand to help your cause.

If you’d like to learn more about these filters or have someone help you in picking the best option for your specific situation, give Rusco a call at 1-800-345-1033. A customer service representative can help talk you through your setup. You can also always visit www.rusco.com for more information on these products.