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Rusco is committed to meeting consumer needs with quality and innovative products. As part of this effort, Rusco has released several new products in the Rusco Smart Line.

Rusco's smart line was started with the Smart Ball Valve, which is a smart and robust stainless steel ball valve that can be programmed and controlled remotely through a smartphone or tablet.

Adding to the release of the ball valve, Rusco has also launched Smart Leak Detectors and a Smart Actuator. With this family of products, users can create their own smart systems to control their water for a variety of applications.


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Smart Ball Valve

The Smart Ball Valve is ideal for many Home Filtration, Well Water, Commercial & Municipal applications where the flow of water needs to be controlled remotely. This valve is app-driven and pairs with many smart hubs on the market, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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Smart Leak Detector

Rusco's Smart Leak Detector is a small and convenient device that can notify your phone if a leak is detected, and when paired with another Rusco smart product (like the Ball Valve or Actuator) you can create a smart system to save you a lot of time and money in the event of a water leak.

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Smart Actuator

The Smart Actuator turns a standard ball valve into a smart Wifi-enabled valve and can be easily installed without modifications to your existing system for your gas or water shutoff.  You can access your Smart Actuator through a convenient app or pair it to your existing home automation system.

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Smart Life App

Our line of smart products uses the FREE Smart Life App from Tuya. You can download the app on your phone's app store.