Smart Ball Valve

Smart Ball Valve

Rusco’s Smart Ball Valve is app-driven and pairs with many Smart Hubs on the market today, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

This product uses Wi-Fi connectivity and can be used in almost all water applications. This smart ball valve can be paired with a Rusco Spin-Down filter or Sediment Trapper and is made specifically for dirty water applications and resists clogging, unlike diaphragm valves.

The smart ball valve is ideal for many Home Filtration, Well Water, Commercial & Municipal applications where water needs to be flushed periodically, scheduled for shut-off, or flushed via a smart application.

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Smart Technology

The Smart Ball Valve can pair with a smartphone or link into an existing home automation system with Google or Alexa.

Robust Ball Valve

With a durable stainless steel ball valve, reinforced Teflon seals and IP67 waterproof housing, the smart ball valve will last for years to come.

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Variety of Applications

Whether you're looking to pair this with an existing Rusco filter for automatic flushing or you want a valve you can monitor, open and close wherever you are, this smart ball valve will meet your needs.

Smart Ball Valve Setup Instructions


Is this compatible with both Android and Apple and Apple iOS products?
Yes, this product works with both Apple and Android.

Why is my smart ball valve not connecting to Wi-Fi?
- Try resetting the unit by holding the manual switch for at least 5 seconds until the blue light begins flashing
- Make sure the password for your Wi-Fi is set properly
- Make sure you're connecting to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection (not 5Ghz)

Where can this ball valve be used?
In most any water application & many other desired fluid applications as well.

What if my power goes out when the valve is open?
The Smart Ball Valve will automatically close if there is a loss of power. The valve will not reopen until power is restored.

Is this product Bluetooth?
No, the Rusco SBV uses Wi-Fi technology.

Will the valve operate outside the Wi-Fi range?
Once paired to your smart device and Wi-Fi, it will operate outside the Wi-Fi range. However, you will not receive notifications about the operation of the valve until the Wi-Fi connection is restored.

Can I operate the valve manually?
Yes, utilize the manual button on the front of the valve to open and close it.