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Rusco’s Smart Leak Detector is a small and convenient device that can be paired with other Rusco Smart Products (like the Smart Ball Valve) to create a smart system that can save you a lot of time and money.

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The Smart Leak Detector will notify you via the SmartLife App when a leak is detected. So even if you're not home, you still know where a leak has been detected.


Rusco's Smart Detectors are small, lightweight and are powered by two AAA batteries so they are really easy to install.

Pairs with Smart Products

Pairing the leak detector with our other Smart Products will give you a smart system that can shut off your water whenever a leak is detected, saving you lots of money in repair costs.

Leak Detector Application Video


Is this compatible with both Android and Apple and Apple iOS products?
Yes, this product works with both Apple and Android

Why is my smart leak detector not connecting to Wi-Fi?
- Try resetting the unit by holding the button (under the battery cover) for at least 5 seconds until the blue light begins flashing
- Make sure the password for your Wi-Fi is set properly
- With some routers, using the 5Ghz bandwidth doesn't work, try connecting to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection

Where can this leak detector be used?
Anywhere water could potentially leak is a good place to put one of these. We recommend the following areas: 

     - Washer
     - Under any sinks in your home
     - Near your water heater
     - Behind your toilet

What if my power goes out?
The Smart Leak Detectors are battery powered, so while they wouldn't be able to notify your phone if the WiFi isn't on, the detector itself will sound an alarm when a leak is detected.

Is this product Bluetooth?
No, these leak detectors use WiFi technology

Will I still be notified of a leak if I'm not on my home network.
Yes, as long as the leak detector is on and is connected to WiFi and you have a WiFi or cell signal, you will be notified of a leak detection via the SmartLife App.

Can I test the leak detector to make sure the system works properly? 
If you want to test you detector without getting it wet, you can cover the two metal prongs with your finger (completing the circuit) and this should activate an alarm so you can hear what it sounds like as well as see if the app notifies you and if your Smart Ball Valve closes (if you have that set up)

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