Extend The Life Of Your Hot Water Heater By Installing A Spin-down Filter

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May 8, 2021

Did you know though that removing sediment can also help your wallet in the long run? Sediment build-up in your water system can lead to damage to different aspects of the system over time and cost you unexpected money. One part of your system that can be harmed by sediment build-up is your hot water heater. Installing a Rusco spin-down filter will enhance performance as well as lengthen the life of your hot water heater—saving you money!

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a hot water heater, including the labor to install, is just under $1,200. To most people this is much more than pocket change and should make you really want to do everything possible to keep your unit running for as long as possible. With this in mind, let’s take some time to go over what exactly sediment build-up can do to a hot water heater if not taken care of.

Sediment build-up can actually do a number of things to adversely affect your hot water heater. Plumbing Kings highlights a number of those problems and first and foremost, sediment build-up can lower the effectiveness of the unit. As sediment builds up in the bottom of the water heater it makes it more difficult for the heating element to warm up the water as the sediment serves as a barrier. Obviously, the more sediment that builds up, the less heated your water will be and eventually so much sediment can build up that the water heater won’t work at all.

Sediment blockage can also lead to the unit needing to work harder as it still tries to do its job. Long before needing to replace your hot water heater, you’ll still be spending unnecessary money as the increase in energy output will lead to your gas or electric bill rising higher than it otherwise would.

The sediment itself can actually cause damage to the interior of your hot water heater. The sediment inside of the tank moves around over time as steam tries to pass through it. The hitting and clanking the sediment does around the inside of the unit can cause damage to the interior lining. This can ultimately lead to the steel under the lining deteriorating and corroding until you have no choice but to replace the entire unit, which as you saw earlier is no small expense!

If these problems pop up, but you ignore the situation, you can end up finding your water heater leaking, which can lead to flooding. In this case, you may be spending money on more than just replacing your hot water heater.

Aside from sediment build-up causing damage to your hot water heater and costing you money, there can be a health consequence as well. The tank more than likely will begin to rust as the lining wears down and that rust can end up moving down your pipes and into your water supply. Even though consuming a little rust may not harm your health, it’s possible additional harmful chemicals or metals may be released from your pipes.

If you do have sediment build-up in your hot water heater, PlumbingToday points out that you’ll notice knocking and popping noises. The noise is the result of the water trapped under the sediment building up and trying to get through that sediment layer. Clearly sediment build up in your hot water heater is not something to mess around with from both a financial and health standpoint, so if you notice these knocking and popping noises, you’ll want to do something about it. Instead of waiting until it’s too late and needing to spend way too much money to replace your unit, installing a cost effective Rusco spin-down filter now can save you a lot of trouble later.

A Rusco spin-down filter can allow your hot water heater to run for years without you needing to worry about sediment building up. Centrifugal technology within the filter allows for sediment to be removed from your water before it ever enters your water heater tank meaning all of those problems covered here become a non-issue! All you need to do once the filter is installed is open a valve attached to the filter in order to clean it out (or install an automatic flush valve available through Rusco to do it for you)! At the center of the filter is an element that makes the removal of sediment possible, and Rusco offers a wide selection of filter element sizes to guarantee we have something that will take care of the sediment in your system. Unlike a lot of other filters available on the market, which require regular cleaning and replacement cartridges, Rusco has designed a filter for you that is self-cleaning and that does not require those expensive cartridges.

To learn more about a Rusco spin-down filter and other filtration related products that can help keep your hot water heater running at full capacity for a long time, visit our website at www.rusco.com. A live customer service representative is also available to help with any questions that you may have at 1-800-345-1033.

If you’re noticing knocking and popping noises coming from your hot water heater, act before you need to spend unplanned money on higher bills and ultimately a replacement. Install a Rusco spin-down filter today!

Source Notes: All information in this article related to problems with hot water heaters due to sediment build-up came from Plumbing Kings and PlumbingToday.