Rusco Sediment Filters Defined by Durability

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March 14, 2022

Rusco Sediment Filters Defined By Durability

For nearly 40 years, Rusco sediment filters have earned the reputation of being the most durable sediment filter of choice — and for a good reason. From the very beginning, Rusco filters were designed to be an easy-to-maintain sediment filter. If you're asking yourself 'What is a Sediment Filter?' check out the video below.

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Patented Spin-Down Technology

The spin-down filter is designed to capture large particulates like sand or rust. Water travels through the top of a spin-down filter and spins in a centrifugal motion causing the dirt and debris to be pushed to the outside of housing, settling at the bottom. 

Clear Cover

The clear cover on Rusco Spin Down filters make it easy to see when it's time to flush the filter. Rather than scheduling a flush with no insight into if the filter is full (or has been for some time), you can react to seeing sediment building in the filter.

Simple Flush with Ball Valve

When it’s time to flush the Rusco Spin Down Filter, simply open the flush valve to remove the sediment. Flushing can be done with no need to remove the spin-down housing meaning there is no down-time.

Reusable Filter Screens Mesh 

This is key to Rusco’s long-lasting filters. The polyester and stainless steel screens can be removed and cleaned, rather than discarded. This means your filter does not need to be replaced every time it’s become full of sediment. In addition, because the filter is removable, you can experiment with different mesh sizes depending on the size of the sediment you’re intending to remove.

Every decision made when designing Rusco Spin Down Filters was made to ensure they would withstand the heavy-lifting filtration requirements. Often times Rusco Spin Down Filters are placed at the front end of a filtration system in order to prevent sediment from damaging appliances, hot water heaters, or other internal plumbing applications.

Image Credit: Fresh Water Systems