Rusco and Vu-Flow Expand Sales Leadership with Appointments to South/Central and Western USA

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May 13, 2024


MAY 14, 2024

[Brooksville, Florida] National filtration group, Rusco and Vu-Flow, have announced strategic appointments to their leadership team, signaling a renewed focus on customer-centric and innovation solutions.

Steve Herndon, a seasoned professional with over thirty years in the water industry, steps into the South/Central U.S. Regional Sales Manager role at Rusco and Vu-Flow. Leveraging his expertise from the water well sector, Herndon brings valuable insights into water systems. His dedication to ensuring clean drinking water underscores the importance of dependable filtration systems, particularly in regions dealing with urbanization and environmental challenges.

Steve Herndon

Linda Hix, a seasoned professional with over five years of experience in wholesale manufacturing water treatment, joins the Rusco and Vu-Flow team as the new Western U.S. Regional Sales Manager. Her impressive track record is defined by her unwavering commitment to fostering strong relationships with crucial stakeholders such as distributors, engineers, and professional contractors. With her extensive understanding of water treatment technologies, Hix will play a pivotal role in driving Rusco and Vu-Flow toward innovative solutions.

Linda Hix

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Steve and Linda to our leadership team!” Neal White, President and CEO of Rusco and Vu-Flow, comments. “They are both great sales leaders and bring a tremendous amount of talent and experience to our business. Well known in the plumbing, water well, irrigation, and water quality markets, they will be critical to our success in driving our ambitious growth strategy and providing an unparalleled, best-in-class customer experience.”

With over four decades of manufacturing excellence, Rusco and Vu-Flow continue to lead the charge in delivering high-quality water filtration products. From residential to commercial and industrial applications, the company's renowned trademarks, including the Original Rusco Spin-Down Filter, Sediment Trapper, and Sun Shield, embody a steadfast commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


About Rusco:

With a history spanning over four decades, Rusco has firmly established itself as a trusted supplier of high-quality water filtration products. The company's unwavering commitment is to ensure that its filters consistently deliver top-tier water quality for a diverse array of applications, ranging from residential and commercial to municipal use. Rusco stands as the foremost authority in water filtration, upholding a tradition of excellence and continuous innovation within the industry.

About Vu-Flow:

Vu-Flow is a U.S. manufacturer of high-quality water filters and irrigation products. With over 40 years of experience, Vu-Flow has become a leader in quality water filtration products. By combining our expertise in filtration products, our offering of irrigation accessories, and our commitment to outstanding customer service, we can deliver a wide range of filtration and irrigation solutions that are durable and economical.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Neal White, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rusco/Vu-Flow

Theresa Miller, General Manager, Rusco/Vu-Flow

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