Smart Ball Valve

Rusco’s new Smart Ball Valve is app driven which ties into home automation, pairs with Alexa and Google Home, and comes in both Wi-Fi and Zigbee models. Our Smart Ball Valve is designed to be used in water applications and with various other fluids as well. This new Smart Ball Valve can be paired with a Rusco Spin-Down filter or Sediment Trapper, and is made specifically for dirty water applications, and resists clogging, unlike other diaphragm valves. This product is ideal for many Home Filtration, Well Water, Commercial & Municipal applications where water or other fluids need to be flushed periodically, scheduled for shut-off, or flushed via a smart application.

  • Conformal Coated for outdoor use above IP67 waterproof standards
  • Adjustable cycle time
  • Max pressure 145psi
  • Reinforced Teflon Seals provide a tight seal even with constant and prolonged use
  • Reinforced stainless steel SS304 valve construction
  • Power cord – 5 ft USB cable with waterproof aviation socket
  • Full-Port Ball Valve – 1/2”, 3/4” & 1” (Full-Port means no pressure loss)
  • Voltage – DC5V
  • 2A Current

Watch this video on how to set up your Smart Ball Valve

Watch the Smart Ball Valve Unboxing Video